Celebrities Fund Climate Protests from Their Private Jets

Over the past several years, climate protests have ramped up to push for a radical and immediate phaseout of oil and gas. From highway disruptions to the vandalization of historical art pieces, one organization has been predominately funding these protests: the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF). Largely funded by the Hollywood elite, recent tax return findings show a stark increase in funding for protests, yet celebrities themselves continue to enjoy a lavish lifestyle, dependent on oil and gas.

According to the tax filings, the CEF raised $6.1 million in 2022, a 165% increase from 2021 in which the organization raised $2.3 million. The filings also detailed that the CEF increased funding to left-wing protesters over the course of 2022 by 274%, totaling a whopping $5 million.

Organizations like the CEF are puppeteering climate activists while choosing to not abide by the very rules they are pushing for. Hollywood elites and the top one percent pollute substantially more than average Americans through their energy consumption and usage, such as the construction and operation of grandiose homes and the use of luxurious private jets and superyachts. Instead of sending money overseas to unsuccessful environmental advocacy groups, celebrities should look at their own consumption habits to achieve their agenda instead of trying to entice politicians to hamper energy production, raising costs for American taxpayers.

As high energy prices burden middle class families who are already navigating global inflation, elites continue to overlook the effects that attacks on the energy industry have on average Americans. It’s telling that the very celebrities who are funding these disruptive protests are simultaneously indulging in goods and services that are dependent on oil and gas.

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