Louisiana Receives Primacy over CCS Projects

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted Louisiana primacy over the deployment of carbon, capture, and sequestration (CCS) technologies, a monumental step forward for the state in securing its energy future. CCS technologies facilitate capture of emissions from industrial sources and secure them safely underground as a way to decarbonize our energy industry.  

After years of debate concerning the oversight of CCS technologies in Louisiana, this decision lays the foundation for future projects to move forward without onerous red tape from the federal level. The third state to be granted primacy following North Dakota and Wyoming, CCS technologies will help create jobs for Americans, and opportunities to reduce emissions nationally without killing a vital sector to our economic and national security.

This decision is particularly impactful for Louisiana since the energy industry is a cornerstone of the state’s economy. In fact, the state’s energy industry contributes over $54 billion in economic, trade and job benefits annually. Supporting and employing 346,000 Louisianans, the success of the state’s energy industry determines the economic wellbeing of its future, as well as the livelihoods of its residents. Equipping Louisianans with the power to oversee the permitting and regulation of Class VI wells and projects fortifies Louisiana’s position as an industry leader for the long run. This decision demonstrates the importance of taking strides to reduce emissions while also ensuring ample and dependable energy production to strengthen our nation’s security.

The EPA’s decision to grant Louisiana primacy over CCS technologies follows in the wake of other actions taken by the Biden administration to promote the technology. Recently, the Department of Energy announced its intention to award $890 million to CCS developers in North Dakota, Texas, and California. Compared to proposed rules, such as tailpipe emission regulations, investing in CCS is a tangible and practical strategy for securing the U.S.’ energy security long term. Not only is CCS is the most dependable and affordable decarbonization technology on the market according to former Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, but it’s an opportunity to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint without jeopardizing energy production.

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