A new poll commissioned by the GAIN Coalition finds that Americans overwhelmingly support producing energy domestically and reducing our nation’s reliance on foreign energy sources.

This support extends across the political spectrum with only a small fraction of Democrats—2 percent—desiring a decrease in U.S. energy production, while 88 percent of all participants support U.S. energy independence.

Do you believe the United States should be energy-independent?

*Poll of National General Election Voters

Support for the U.S. energy industry was particularly notable among moderate Americans, with only 15 percent supporting a ban on oil and natural gas development. 82 percent of respondents viewed the oil and gas industry as important to the U.S. economy.

“Despite extreme climate fearmongering by environmentalists, Americans recognize that traditional energy fuels our way of life, and many of the everyday tasks we take for granted would not be possible without a steady supply of oil and gas,” said GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens.This poll illustrates a resounding message from Americans: there is strong, bipartisan support for advancing domestic energy production and achieving U.S. energy independence.”

“Hamstringing the domestic oil and gas industry will not only raise energy prices for Americans but also weaken our national security by forcing our nation to become more reliant on foreign sources of fuel.”


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