Judge allows SRST to challenge recent conclusions made by the Army Corps of Engineers on DAPL

Earlier today, it was reported that a federal judge will allow the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to challenge recent conclusions made by the Army Corps of Engineers on the Dakota Access Pipeline’s crossing (about 90 feet) beneath the Missouri River.

On background and for reference, below are some links from the North Dakota Pipeline authority to show that there are other pipelines safely carrying product under the Missouri River also; and at bottom is a quote from me.


ND Major Oil Pipelines June 2017 (https://ndpipelines.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/nd-major-oil-pipelines-june-2017.pdf)
ND Natural Gas Map Feb 2018 (https://ndpipelines.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/nd-natural-gas-map-feb-20181.pdf)
ND Products Pipeline Map (https://ndpipelines.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/nd-products-map.pdf)


“No amount of litigation will change the fact that Dakota Access remains one of the most technologically advanced and safest pipelines ever constructed. Pipeline opponents are not seeking truth, they’re attempting to end the use of fossil fuels – despite the reality that our nation needs oil and natural gas to heat our homes, fuel our transportation fleet, and serve as the feedstock to businesses across the country.   Since before the construction of DAPL, there have been pipelines that have safely carried oil and natural gas under the Missouri River upstream from the reservation.  DAPL is not a new phenomenon, in that sense.  To date, DAPL has safely delivered more than a quarter of a billion barrels of oil to refineries in the Midwest and beyond and has helped the Bakken expand its daily output, allowing the U.S. to become the largest oil producer in the world.”

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