STATEMENT: Closed-Door White House Panel May Halt all U.S. LNG Export Projects

Today, Bloomberg reported that White House climate advisor Ali Zaidi has convened a panel of government officials to develop policy recommendations for changing how the Department of Energy approves U.S. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) export projects. Bloomberg’s sources said that this closed-door meeting was spurred by election concerns since young voters are critical of the administration approving any fossil fuel projects. The panel’s recommendation could lead to an indefinite pause for all permitting approvals for LNG projects – a move that raises strong concerns with energy experts and stakeholders.

“U.S LNG Exports are an American success story – fortifying energy security for our European allies after Russia invaded Ukraine, boosting local economies and job creation, and helping lower global emissions by transitioning large developing countries away from coal, wood, and biomass,” said GAIN spokesperson Craig Stevens.The Biden administration should be finding ways to cut the permitting red tape delaying LNG projects, not convening closed-door committees aimed at shutting down the industry. Heedlessly delaying or stopping LNG infrastructure projects will weaken U.S. energy leadership globally and threaten the national security of the U.S. and our allies.”

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