Rep. Letlow: LNG Pause is Catastrophic for America

On the heels of President Joe Biden’s decision to pause permits for liquid natural gas (LNG) export facilities, United States Representative Julia Letlow (R-Louisiana) penned an opinion piece for the USA Today Network outlining just how important the energy sector is to her home state, as well as the lives of all Americans. Rep. Letlow writes, “Energy fuels hospitals, schools, agriculture, infrastructure, and shipment of goods. Without reliable, affordable energy, our lives would grind to a halt.”

Unfortunately, recent actions from the administration threaten our reliable and affordable energy supply. Between a barrage of proposed rules from its agencies -such as the EPA and Department of Energy (DOE) – and the decision to halt LNG export facility permits the Biden administration has made it more difficult to create American jobs and supply our allies with vital energy . Rep. Letlow illustrates the energy sector’s importance to Louisiana, writing, “In 2021 alone, oil and gas contributed over $54 billion throughout our state’s economy and accounted for 21% of our gross domestic product. Louisiana is also a leader in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, responsible for over 60% of the LNG produced and exported from the United States.” Similarly, the industry generated over 350,000 jobs in the Pelican state in 2021 alone—a number that was set to dramatically increase had more export facilities been greenlit.

Although the halt on permits will negatively affect Louisiana and other gulf states, Rep. Letlow notes her role on the House Appropriations Committee has, in part, focused on strengthening the sector. She writes, “My colleagues and I have championed legislation that fortifies our national security and supports energy development and economic competitiveness through investments in infrastructure —notably our ports — in order to export energy safely.”

Instead of hampering our domestic energy sector, hurting local and state economies in the process, it is time for the administration to provide true energy solutions that uplift Americans—not hurt them.

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